BSLady Club

BSLady Club is a loyalty point for every BSLady who purchased our products through our website and App. The points will be rewarded through any purchase, birthday, or activities you’ve made on the Buttonscarves website and App. 

We offer various benefits for you to enjoy the BSLADY Club by redeeming your BSPoints with special promos, vouchers, exclusive prizes, and others. Shop and spend more, the more you collect BSPoints, the more benefits you will get. Let’s collect your BSPoints and enjoy the various benefits right away!

How to Earn

To enjoy the benefits from your BSPoints you need to sign up or create an account on the Buttonscarves website or App. You will earn more points for every purchase you’ve made. Other than that, you will be rewarded on your birthday too.

- Get 3.000.000 BSPoints when you sign up on Buttonscarves website or at BSApp
- Get 5.000.000 BSPoints when you celebrate your birthday
- Get 1 BSpoint for every Rp1 spent or purchase. You will automatically earn points if your payment is completed. If your order is refunded your points will be drawn.

Ways to Redeem

Log in to the Buttonscarves website or at BSApp to make a transaction. Your points will be automatically rewarded when you make a purchase. We offer various discount vouchers you can get by redeeming BSPoints.

- Redeem 5.000.000 BSPoints to get IDR 50.000 OFF
- Redeem 10.000.000 BSPoints to get IDR 100.000 OFF
- Redeem 20.000.000 BSPoints to get IDR 200.000 OFF

Please note that BSPoints or vouchers cannot be redeemed with cash money. The voucher is not transferable to any users.

How to Redeem

1. Log in to your account or create one if you don’t have one.

2. Click the “BSLady Club” button on the bottom right of your page.

3. You will see how many points you have earned.

4. Click “Way to Redeem” to exchange your points into a voucher.

5. Choose any voucher you want to get.

6. You will get a voucher code shown on your page.

7. Click ‘Apply’ to use the voucher code for the next purchase. There will be a tick button to confirm that you have applied the code.

8. Your voucher will automatically be applied to the check out page.

Points Expiration

At the moment your BSPoints will not expire at any exact time.

BSLady Club Point Counts

Don’t worry you will also be rewarded for your previous purchases. You will get BSPoints for every purchase you’ve made before too. Spend more and get more points from your purchase!

Your previous points have been converted as per September 1st, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not. BSPoints and vouchers are only valid for every purchase on Buttonscarves website and BSApp.

Click the BSLady Club button on the bottom right of our website. Or you can click HERE.