Where It All Started
Back then, people believe that scarves will make you look old-fashioned and uncomfortable. Moreover, it was difficult for us to find premium scarves that fit both the formal and informal occasion.

So, We Decided To Make It Our Own Brand
If it's hard to find one, why don't we produce our own scarves? Thus, we can help others who face the same problems. It was 2016, when we started our journey online with customers from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. We extend our products not only scarves, but also bags, brooch, and fashion accessories.  Since 2018, we have spread our wings to offline stores at Shopping Centres around Indonesia and Malaysia.

It's Our Dream To Embrance Every Woman To Be Stylish & Comfortable
We dedicated ourselves to produce only with the best-in-class materials and exceptional design.

Meet Benang Jarum, Our Clothing Line
In 2020, Benang Jarum was born as the complementary to our scarves. We strives for the modest fashion style and modern clean cut.

Every woman deserves to own the pieces that make them look the best.