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Arabian Majestic Ring Scarf - Breeze

Arabian Majestic Ring Scarf - Breeze

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Arabian Majestic Ring Scarf - Royal
Arabian Majestic Ring Scarf - Breeze


Inspired by the tale of an independent, strong, and compassionate Disney Princess, this luxurious ring scarf is embellished with gleaming crystal stones which gives extra bling to whatever you wear.

- Material: Brass
- Size: 33 mm x 30 mm
- Comes as a single scarf ring
- Cinch your scarves in place
- Create scarf bows or just pass through

Packaging Details:
The Arabian Majestic Ring Scarf comes beautifully wrapped in a special hard box that includes Suede Sleeve and Care Instruction Card.

* Please be informed that colors may be slightly different due to natural stone colors, camera flash, and/or computer screen settings
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