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Arabian Night Ring Scarf - Breeze

Arabian Night Ring Scarf - Breeze

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Arabian Night Ring Scarf - Royal
Arabian Night Ring Scarf - Breeze


Inspired by the tale of an independent, strong, and compassionate Disney Princess, this luxurious ring scarf has a majestic design that makes you stand out and appealing. This piece is set to be your majestic accessory to cinch your scarves in place.

- Material: Brass
- Size: 25 mm x 22,5 mm
- Comes as a single scarf ring
- Cinch your scarves in place
- Create scarf bows or just pass through

Packaging Details:
The Arabian Night Ring Scarf comes beautifully wrapped in a special hard box that includes Suede Sleeve and Care Instruction Card.

* Please be informed that colors may be slightly different due to natural stone colors, camera flash, and/or computer screen settings
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